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Site Rules

This site has been established with the Cooperation of Horse Head Industries and Ampal. We agree to maintain the site and assure that pilots fly safe. We ask that you respect the delicate relationship we have developed with the local community. Your Donations go towards supporting the growth of the sport and development of the site.
Before you fly you must:

Little Gap is a P2/H2 site with a Volunteer P3/H3 Mentoring program. P2/H2 only fly mid day conditions observed. Newbees, generally observe the senior pilots and assist in retrievals between 12-4 pm. In return, the mentors agree to observe, coach and fly along with the freshmen. This is a voluntary agreement between the two parties designed to assure the growth and safety of the sport. Please do not jeopardize the site for everyone by flying in midday conditions.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to flying with you.