Blue Mountain is open again - You MUST BE a little gap membe

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Blue Mountain is open again - You MUST BE a little gap membe

Postby Maria » Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:07 pm

Great News!!
Blue Mountain is open to fly!
We are now the first USHPA free site on the east cost!
The trouble all began on June 3rd when we submitted our site insurance payment into USHPA for renewal. They cashed our check but never gave us insurance. They let the insurance laps on purpose. The site was closed . It’s been 3 months now and they still have not given us an explanation why they will not give us insurance. They were contacted several times but USHPA never returned our calls. The organization we all respected was now treating us all with indifference. They knew our site would be shut down and they refuse to even call us back.
They choose to shut our site down an provide us no explanation. They're actions prove they no longer represent our best interest. Deeply sadden by this realization. Our club was forced to find insurance on our own.
We contacted insurance brokers and received several quotes. It was much easier than expected. USHPA made it seem like they were the only option out there. The quotes were from providers of insurance for airports so the coverage was more of a commercial nature so adjustments were made to fit the needs of our flying community. The insurance providers where very helpful, respectful and responded immediately.
The new insurance provides much more protection for the landowner than what USHPA was offering.
If any other clubs out there are being treated unfairly by USHPA, feel free to contact us and we will help you get insurance to reopen your sites also. Preserving sites is our number one priority.
Blue Mountain gave us the go ahead to fly but made a few modifications.
USHPA licensing is no longer required.
Our new club membership will now be $175 per year. If you have already paid for this year($50) we need a check for $125 (or you can send it via PayPal using this link: ... 7608011f58

Everybody needs to sing a new Club Membership and a new Blue Mountain Waiver. After you do that, you will receive a sticker that must be put on your helmet. You can go to to find the paper work.
No one can fly until after we have received both the new membership and the new Blue Mountain waver signed. Please sign and send it to 19 Stapleton Ct. Bridgewater NJ 08807.
The owner of Blue Mountain is basically fed up with having to deal with the politics of our flying community. IF you send emails or phone calls to Blue Mountain, Barb or Jim you will be banned from the site. She assured me that she will not hesitate to close the site for good if they continue.
If you were one of the culprits that contacted them in the past don’t bother signing up.
To all other members please remember how lucky we are to have such a good site and how important it is to rebuild the great relationship we have had with Blue Mountain in the past.
If you have any issues contact a Little gap club board member and go threw the proper channels.
Show your appreciation by stopping in for food or drinks. We need volunteers to help cut the L-Z and maintain the trail to the parking lot in the L-Z.
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