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Launch, Landing and No Fly Zones

Before flying in the Little Gap Flight Park, please consider the FLYING and NO FLYING ZONES. Correct behavior is crucial to keep the Flight Park running. Thank you for helping protect our Site. Please also refer to the site rules.

Little Gap is a typical North West site. It is, depending on the conditions flyable from West North West to North

Attention: Especially mid day conditions are advanced conditions and not for unexperienced pilots. Be aware of the wind compression of the ridge. Winds at Launch are usually stronger than in flat open places. It is really as strong as it feels at Launch!

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Blue Mountain Launch Safety Guidelines

Persons who have not signed the USHPA and Blue Mountain waiver shall not be permitted within the red zone during launches.

It is recommended to land in the green zone. Avoid landing near trees, and the power lines.

Please take note and avoid the ABE airspace.